The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Hidden Pleasures

By Dessa Rodeffer
Quill Editor/Publisher

23 August 2000

Attending South Henderson's August Church Service Sunday was a thrill for me.

Since the church is set off the beaten track, it is easy to forget how nice this little hideaway is. I dare say there is not a more beautiful spot in Henderson County.

Not only are the grounds beautiful, but they are beautifully kept by Matt Gray who has been mowing the cemetery and church property for many years.

There is a lot of labor of love that goes into the upkeep of South Henderson.

As I joined in the congregation Sunday, it wasn't hard to see that spirits were lifted by the care obviously given this place.

I wanted to snap a picture during the gathering of the offering as burgundy velvet pouches on the end of a stick were used to gather donations to be used for the ongoing upkeep of the church. But, I felt this would be inappropriate.

It was just a very unique way to collect offering. When a pouch is stuck in your face, you feel an even greater obligation to give as you might be bobbed by the pouch if you didn't.

I thought Mildred Anderson's youngest sister from Sterling was playing the harpsichord on a Clavinova, the tones were so unique, but it was a portable keyboard set on electric piano. The acoustics were wonderful.

After the service, many roamed the grounds, others looked at the pictures and read the short account of each.

Jane Weir, Secretary /Treasurer of the Board took me through the cemetery after most had left and we met a couple from Des Moines, Iowa who were learning of their heritage and how it tied into this great place. Couples and singles come almost yearly for this service, traveling from as far as Pittsburgh, Penn.

The Hidden Pleasures of this beautiful place not only draws strangers together, but also unifies hearts and souls.

In looking for my Scotch-Irish-English-Dutch heritage, I found there is a greater heritage at South Henderson and that is God. He is "The Tie That Binds" all Christians together to inherit a greater gift, the gift of grace and resurrection.

Take time to drive through the grounds and be inspired by your heritage this fall.